Walkover needed to City Gate

THE EDITOR: Does the Minister of Works and Transport not think it is a good idea to build a walkover to City Gate, especially as South Quay often floods after a heavy downpour?

I do not know if he has ever seen the chaos that takes place when the area floods. However, I believe he should use his initiative and get the walkover started. This will be easier and will cost less money than building a highway from Manzanilla to Toco.

I know preventing the flooding at South Quay will take years to accomplish. So the easiest thing to do is to build a walkover, and I am sure the commuters who use City Gate every day will be very happy if that is done.

The ball is in the minister’s court. He needs to get this project started and ease the pain and frustration that people go through, especially those with little children, when South Quay floods.


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"Walkover needed to City Gate"

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