Solutions, no more illusions

THE EDITOR: In this country do we need any political party to tell us what we are experiencing? Do we need any politician to tell us we live in a purely dysfunctional country?

Those in power create illusions which the diehard followers openly accept knowing full well their reality is far opposite than the picture being sold to them.

We continue to be a delusional nation, refusing to accept the reality of what we are facing.

I personally don’t need anyone to sell me a pack of lies as my grocery bill, gas bill and overall cost of living speak volumes.

Citizens should demand answers rather than continue to support the illusions being promised us.

Promise us a liveable wage. Promise us a lower cost of living. Promise us decent jobs to support our families. Promise us a safe country.

We no longer want illusions, we want solutions.




"Solutions, no more illusions"

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