One arrested for EWMSC break-in

ONE MAN is in custody in connection with a robbery at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex (EWMSC) in Mt Hope on Tuesday night. He was identified after his image was captured on CCTV cameras at the hospital.

On Tuesday night, two men broke into Adult Ward Two and stole cellphones and other valuables belonging to patients who were sleeping. The intruders also broke into the Cardiology Ward Two.

Medical staff complained that there were a series of break-ins and robberies on the wards and staffer's cars were broken into in the hospital's carpark.

A source said the hospital had gotten rid of its previous security and had hired the firm. When Newsday called the security firm's listed telephone number, a message stated the mailbox was full. However, an official of the North Central Regional Health Authority, who asked not to be named, said staff members' claims were untrue.

"They are just telling you what they want you to hear. They didn't tell you that within five minutes (of the break in on Tuesday) there were security officers on the ward. They didn't tell you that in less than ten minutes, the police were there. We have three security firms and security guards are on all wards. There are CCTV cameras throughout and there are manned security posts in the car parks," the NCRHA official said.

A release from the RHA said 16 people have been arrested for various offences committed at NCRHA health care facilities over the past year, including four people currently before the courts on charges of break-in, vandalism, attempted larceny and tampering with vehicles.

NCRHA CEO Davlin Thomas said the authority has adopted a strong position on the safety of staff and property within facilities, and security personnel have been instructed to challenge any unauthorised people seen on NCRHA compounds. He said the authority has placed a high priority on protecting the safety and welfare of its staff and patients.

He said the NCRHA also maintained 24-hour manned security teams at all its accident and emergency departments and on its hospital wards. At the EWMSC, additional support is provided by frequent and impromptu patrols on all the wards, parking lots and perimeter grounds throughout the night.

“We recognise that as a facility that operates on a 24 hour basis every day, our staff often leave or enter the facility at late hours. As an additional safety measure, reserved parking is provided for staff in car parks one, two, three, six and seven. Also, any member of staff at EWMSC requiring an escort to their vehicle to the car park at night, can contact a hotline number for assistance and support,” Thomas said.


"One arrested for EWMSC break-in"

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