Erphaan walks the walk with new video and website launch

Soca star Erphaan Alves at the launch of his 'Soca Global' music video at Buzz Bar, One Woodbrook Place on Thursday night.
Soca star Erphaan Alves at the launch of his 'Soca Global' music video at Buzz Bar, One Woodbrook Place on Thursday night.

It was an evening of celebration as Erphaan Alves continued his push to develop soca music as a genre, with the launch of his latest music video and website at Buzz Bar, One Woodbrook Place, Damien Street.

The video for the song Soca Global made it's social media debut at the launch and is the latest effort from Alves to promote TT's culture through music. Speaking with Newsday before the launch, the 27-year-old hitmaker said he has doubled his efforts and intends to "walk the walk" in terms of developing soca music outside of the Carnival season since the launch of his last video, Lock On in May.

He said the key to making timeless music was being able to relate to all aspects of life that both long-time and new soca fans alike could enjoy.

"As a young artist in the industry it's more than just singing a song or performing in live events, I want to have an impact and I would like to see some of my fellow artistes do the same, where you create a presentation for people to come and see for themselves and be in touch with message you want to relate to people both locally and abroad."

At his last launch in May Alves issued a challenge to his peers in which he urged them to push their creativity and skills by releasing more music year round, he said he was pleased with the feedback from other artistes and looked forward to seeing others follow their example.

Soca artiste Erphaan Alves, left looks at his co-star on the set of 'Soca Global' in Mucurapo in August.

"Some of the artistes like Voice, Nailah Blackman and Preedy have released songs. A lot of the younger artistes have taken up the challenge, so I want to thank my friends for pushing the soca global theme. I'm really grateful they are helping me and the more we continue to promote our music the more we will see success outside of Trinidad."

Describing the video more as a short film than a music video, Alves takes viewers on a journey from a gala red carpet event in New York City, to his own coffin, as he sings about his journey to the top, while relating his commitment and passion for the artform.

Collaborating again with husband and wife film team of Steven and Rheem Taylor, who also produced the Lock On video, Soca Global gives viewers a taste of life in the artiste's shoes, utilising wide shots and various other camera angles.

In the almost four minute long video, Alves also reflects on the legacy he intends to leave behind as ten-year-old co-star Chase Simon, plays a younger version of the artiste and his father Earl plays his older self.

Alves mother Ann is also featured in the production.


"Erphaan walks the walk with new video and website launch"

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