What Kamla knew

Photo courtesy Pixabay
Photo courtesy Pixabay

THE EDITOR: The word precognition is derived from the Latin combination of “prae” meaning “before” and “cognitio,” which means “acquiring knowledge.” Quite succinctly, it is a claimed psychic ability to see events in the future.

I was encouraged to research this as I pondered upon an applicable description of the phenomenal and prodigious ability that Kamla Persad-Bissessar had exhibited in allegedly forecasting the arrest of a senior PNM minister weeks before it actually occurred.

But unlike Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley who disparages over Persad-Bissessar’s miraculous gift of foresight and prescience, I consider it a wonderful addition to a “vote for” list in deciding a choice for a future PM.

There is now an obvious attraction and lure towards a prime ministerial candidate who can foretell the future, for indeed that would redound to wondrous and amazingly infinite possibilities for our nation.

Surely generations to come would benefit from her skilful set of political prophecy. And so, Persad-Bissessar may have very well leaped ahead in the election race simply because she sees things before they actually happen.

Quite honestly, when the Prime Minister made the revelation of Persad-Bissessar’s most recent premonition, I was reminded that in December 2015, months after the general election, she had suggested that the “Government’s failure to meet economic challenges head on had made it clear that the PNM never had the economic plan they claimed.”

And as it turned out, for the next four years the nation stood by and witnessed an unprecedented display of mismanagement that pushed inflation up, employment down and economic growth at a standstill. Gas prices went up, food prices went up, utility bills went up and happiness levels went down. Maybe it was political astrology or a gift of “misfortune” telling, but somehow Persad-Bissessar knew.

Then too it was Persad-Bissessar, midway into the PNM’s term in office, who questioned the horrific state of the energy sector and more particularly whether there was to be a shutdown of a major state enterprise that would have led to tens of thousands being put on the breadline. And for many dark and gloomy months while she was adamant of that company’s pending closure, the Government shouted, “No, never.”

Months after, her political crystal ball was proven to be right again; an almost consummate display of political clairvoyance, but one that never met an equally resistant PM as to how Persad-Bissessar knew that too.

And as I recall as well, it was Persad-Bissessar who seemingly knew that a crisis was in the making relative to the manner in which we were handling the large and sudden migration from Venezuela. In fact, in 2018 she spoke worryingly against “the Rowley Government’s ostrich-like approach to the gathering storm in neighbouring Venezuela.” That storm has eventually brewed into a recent BBC documentary, now subject to open reprimand by Rowley himself. But again, Persad-Bissessar knew.

I have never been a huge fan of the “works” of Nostradamus nor have I ever followed with active interest the dreams of Venezuelan psychic Yesenia Gonzalez, but for some reason I am going to be very attentive and alert to everything that Persad-Bissessar says from now. And perhaps many others would too.

For now, and just in case Persad-Bissessar reads this, I would appreciate an extension of her precognition flair by providing a forecast of the weather on October 12 because I am keen on attending the CPL T20 finals and would like to know if to prepare for rain.




"What Kamla knew"

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