Everyone has to like the boss?

THE EDITOR: If one is employed at a good salary, do you have to like or dislike the boss? Once the boss does not get in the way of your take-home pay, who cares?

This thing Trinidadians have about who is hoggish or not is nonsense. Not liking him/her is not going to change anything.

Unless you are being physically harmed, act grown up and shut up. If you are emotionally challenged and can be employed elsewhere, just move on.

In reading what the Chief Justice said about the media abandoning its responsibility to educate and inform, even not acting responsibly at times, I say he is just stating his case from his perspective.

The TT media are always under stress because of how we behave as a people. We like bacchanal. Bacchanal sells like doubles. It is how the media work and they have employees to feed.

I am not a lawyer but it seems to me, as an interested bystander, that the true problem with the Chief Justice could have more to do with him starting his 12th year in this envious position. Unless he is convicted of a felony, nobody else gets to sit in that chair.

Twelve years are a long time. He looks young and strong. Unless he becomes ill or feels like retiring, the man appears to be going nowhere.

If he is properly fulfilling his mandate as Chief Justice and if a legal mind has advised the PM to leave well alone, what is the next step for those who want him removed?

In Venezuela some want President Maduro out but sufficient members of the army love him. Is it that an equal number of legal people love and tolerate the Chief Justice, with no complaints whatsoever? I am only asking.

Meantime the editors cannot be faint of heart. They have papers to sell.


Diego Martin


"Everyone has to like the boss?"

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