Parent defends abusive teacher

AT LEAST one parent is defending the actions of the Tranquillity Government Primary School teacher accused of verbally and physically abusing students. The parent is asking the public to consider the teacher’s teaching ability before calling for her removal.

The parent said the matter has troubled her and her daughter who is worried it may affect her performance. The parent

The parent, who didn’t want to be named, contacted Newsday expressing how frustrated she felt seeing only the negative side of the story. She said the secret recordings voice notes don’t reflect on this teacher's style of teaching that class which she (the parent) claimed is performing well only under this teacher's guidance.

“Where is the report on how this was once an R class and she gave lessons Saturdays and Sundays to the children for them to get up to speed? Where are the reports that they are in standard 5 now because she insisted she would not leave them behind for someone else to mess them up again?”

Asked for her views on the racial rants, insults and death threats, the teacher is recorded making, the parent said: “I heard them and as I told other parents, I have no views on it. She (the teacher) told us as parents she is not going to go easy on the children because she wants them to be in the top 100 at exams.

“If we have a problem we can ask for our kids to be removed and no one did. The children that other teachers didn’t want in their class, were sent to her class." The parent said the teacher repeatedly asked parents to collaborate with her and would only get upset when parents refused to support initiatives to help the students' development.

As for the licks, the parent said she has no problem with corporal punishment because, "I grew up when licks was given in school and we had less delinquent children back then."

“ My child has learned well and I always tell her the road to success is not easy, it’s hard.” She said that her child's academic grades significantly improved under this teacher.

The parent believes the teacher was “making a point,” when she was recorded, reminding the children of how society views them and for them to want better. "That’s how I view those statements she made in the voice notes,” the parent said.


"Parent defends abusive teacher"

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