Govt must act to secure borders

THE EDITOR: The Prime Minister and his administration are supposed to be committed to enforcing our laws so that we can secure our borders and keep the people safe. They need to stop the drug cartels and the gun smugglers.

However, the Government seems unwilling to stop them and therefore the high rate of crime in this country will continue. It appears no changes are forthcoming and therefore attention lags until the next murder.

How many more innocent lives will be taken before the current administration takes the necessary steps to secure our borders and stem the flow of illegal guns and drugs into the country?

The police are investigating a drive-by shooting in Petit Valley on Sunday night. According to reports, around 8.30 pm, 29-year-old Marcus Tobit was standing along Simeon Road with several other people when a white Nissan wagon passed the group.

The vehicle turned around and stopped where the group was gathered. Several shots were fired in the direction of the limers, hitting Tobit in his neck. The vehicle then drove lower down the street and fired several more shots at another group of people gathered outside a shop. However, no one was injured this time.

Illegal guns continue to pour into the country with no system in place by the Government and even the Opposition to stop the flow. Our lives and the lives of our children are at stake. It appears there is no or desire to do what it takes to secure our borders.

The same politicians are singing the same old songs: we will soon be putting policies in place to secure the borders. However, it appears to me that nothing will ever be done. It’s all nonsense.

We could easily secure the borders if we had the political will to do so, but the current crop of politicians has shown no desire to do what it takes to stop the flow of illegal weapons and drugs into the country.

We need a new political party with leaders willing to do what is necessary to make the country safe. As long as we keep voting into power the same old politicians, innocent people will continue to be shot, robbed and killed.

Situations like Sunday’s will continue to increase if we don’t take action now and secure our borders.




"Govt must act to secure borders"

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