Congrats to Govt on its crime fight

THE EDITOR: As someone who has often gone on record criticising the PNM government for failing to perform in many areas of national life, I commend its recent efforts in the fight against crime.

From the hiring of Gary Griffith as Police Commissioner to the number of new laws being put forward to ensure that much sterner penalties are applied to violent lawbreakers.

So it was with a real degree of sadness that I looked at opposition chief whip Rodney Charles hurling the most ugly and positively vile racial accusations at the Government for working hard to enact new, heavy punishments for citizens who possess illegal firearms and use them in a violent crime.

We all know that more effective long-term programmes need to be enacted to help at-risk youth attain the level of skills needed to make a good living.

However, equally effective measures are also needed to help combat unacceptably high levels of violent crime plaguing all areas of the country.




"Congrats to Govt on its crime fight"

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