Abdulah: PNM, UNC ‘kicksin' in Parliament’

David Abdulah
David Abdulah

Leader of the MSJ David Abdulah says the PNM and UNC members "kicksin' in Parliament," reducing the politics of the country to a pappyshow.

This as Dr Roodal Moonilal apologised to Fitzgerald Hinds and was reported as saying he did so because he wanted to be able to speak in the Parliament in the Budget debate. Moonilal apologised saying the show was about to start.

Abdulah, in a release issued by the MSJ on Sunday, said, “The PM states that Opposition leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar told former parliamentarian, Marlene McDonald that the police were planning to arrest her. Persad-Bissessar has not replied but the UNC has countered that Dr Rowley’s statement is part of a grand conspiracy to have his colleague freed.”

“What is the population to make of all this? Who are we to believe?”

While the allegation needs to be investigated and put to rest, Abdulah said there was a more fundamental issue at stake in the country.

“The PNM and the UNC is now engaged in the politics of tit for tat, allegation versus allegation and there is absolutely no concern about the lives of the people of TT. The two political elephants are quarrelling and trampling the grass beneath them, without any concern about the people.”

He outlined the serious issues facing the country as the following: young people need jobs and opportunities to earn a decent income; crime is a real crisis; working people are struggling to make ends meet as they have had no increase in their wages and salaries, while prices have been rising continuously; citizens do not have enough money to meet their everyday needs such as food, sending the children to school and communities are being neglected.

The people of TT, he said, are seeing the antics of the UNC and PNM and it is obvious that both parties are only interested in grabbing headlines in order to win votes.

“What people want is real change. Change that will result in everyone having a better life, not just a few as presently exists.”

The MSJ, he said, is committed to bringing about that change.

“We have to end the merry go round of exchanging governments from PNM to UNC and back to the PNM. That cannot take the country forward.

"The MSJ offers the people the hope of real change.”


"Abdulah: PNM, UNC ‘kicksin' in Parliament’"

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