Steel Workers Union still open to partnerships

The Steel Workers Union of TT on Friday issued a release in which president Timothy Bailey expressed his continued support and willingness to partner with anyone interested in restarting TT's steel industry.

According to the release, Bailey said he along with the union's membership were still open to any sincere attempt at restarting the steel facility, particularly in reference to statements made by Macarri Steel Holdings Ltd against liquidator of the ArcelorMittal steel mill Christopher Kelshall.

"While at this time we are unable to support some of the allegations and statements made against the liquidator by representatives of the Macarri Steel Holdings and also our former president, to whom we must state at this point is free to speak out as an individual but not on behalf of the Steel Workers Union of TT or its membership.

"If anything, we support the fact that the sale and restart of the entire steel-making facility in the shortest period of time will benefit all stakeholders ie displaced workers, creditors, the community, citizens and our country."

The release also stated that, in the past, the Macarri Steel Holdings had made promises to restart the steel industty with expanding operations and increasing employment.

Despite losing out on the sale of the facility, the union also expressed optimism in finding another entity willing to partner with them in their venture and sought out entities whose priority was the human resource and not only on the financial gain.


"Steel Workers Union still open to partnerships"

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