Soldier shot by police over

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ENRAGED at seeing the estranged mother of his child with another man, a soldier attacked a policeman who was driving along a road in Brazil.

But the attack would not go as planned as the policeman shot the soldier in the chest. Police investigating the matter told Newsday the soldier is now in critical condition at hospital with gunshot wounds to his chest.

According to police sources the police officer, identified as PC Browne was driving along Brazil Lome Road on Sunday afternoon with his girlfriend of three years, who was also a WPC.

Just then, the soldier pulled in front of their car with his own.

The soldier allegedly got out of the car and attacked the officer with the cutlass who shot him multiple times in the chest.

Sources told Newsday the soldier had a relationship with the WPC but the two had been estranged for a more than four years. The WPC then got into a relationship with Browne, which evolved to the point where they had moved in together.

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"Soldier shot by police over"

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