Parents: Abusive teacher must leave

Children at the primary school in Port of Spain who exposed their abusive teacher last week are receiving counselling. They were also asked to each write a report on the matter today.

Last week, parents were left speechless after they received voice notes of the teacher hurling racial slurs and insults and beating the children during class. The teacher was heard advising the children to “jump in front of a bus.” The teacher also insulted the parents and threatened to kill a female student.

A number of parents visited the school this morning calling for the teacher to be removed. Other parents told Newsday they refused to leave their children at the school if the teacher remained in the class.

Parents who visited the school earlier today were sent into a meeting with the principal and school supervisors. They then left the school to make a report at the Belmont Police Station.

One parent told Newsday, “They told us we can’t tell her she can’t be on the school compound. It’s a ticklish situation because SEA is in a couple of months. I can’t afford for my child to not be in school. I just don’t want her in that class with that teacher. She is still on the school compound after she abused and insulted our children and is still walking around like it’s nobody’s business.”

The parents have not met with the teacher and have told Newsday they are patiently awaiting a formal statement from the accused teacher.

More on this as it develops.


"Parents: Abusive teacher must leave"

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