UNC, PNM deceit and untruths

THE EDITOR: It is very strange that the government’s cancellation of an almost half-a-billion dollar housing contract – with Ghezouba Group International Engineering Co Ltd from China – was treated as if it was an everyday, common occurrence. This cannot be when one considers the scope of China's Belt and Road Initiative. The PNM government has backtracked significantly and believed that the cancellation was the end of any problems.

At the same time they unilaterally cancelled the contract, the government spin-doctors went into full overtime mode and the Prime Minister said, in Parliament, that Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar told Marlene McDonald that she would be arrested.

Does the Rowley-led government truly believe that the people of TT are so stupid, to be distracted from the serious issues? Dr Rowley was both Prime Minister and Housing Minister when the contract was agreed to and Prime Minister when it was signed. It means that he must take responsibility for the debacle in which we find ourselves.

As at Friday, Finance Minister Colm Imbert said that no penalties were incurred as yet, and negotiations were continuing with the Ghezouba Group International Engineering Co Ltd.

Meanwhile, a national newspaper estimated that we, the citizens, would have to pay penalties of around US$43 million for breaking the contract. Apparently, getting US dollars is difficult only for ordinary mortals like myself. The sad thing is that this money would not come out of the pockets of Dr Rowley and his Cabinet members. The Prime Minister has some serious questions to answer because this issue will not go away soon.

The deceit and untruths coming from both the PNM and the UNC are truly staggering.


Mt Hope


"UNC, PNM deceit and untruths"

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