No need for UNC jealousy over PNM

THE EDITOR: Between now and the general elections of 2020, I think that the opposition United National Congress (UNC) need to feel that they are as deeply appreciated by social media as the People’s National Movement government. Try as they might, the UNC cannot outdo the PNM with the blanket coverage enjoyed regarding every breathing, talking moment of all things PNM. This dedicated news coverage may assure enhancement of voter appeal or have a negative effect. It may well be doing the PNM favours rather than incurring loss. The results of general election 2020 will tell. Meanwhile, it is indelibly incumbent of the news media to publish, without fear or favour. This is what political reportage is all about.

Perhaps it should be explained/reminded to the UNC that this is what happens when you are the government in power. There is no need to be jealous. The public is quite aware of both the triumphs and failings of the UNC over the years. This undivided attention to all things PNM comes with the political territory.

What gets neglected or swept under the political carpet belonging to the UNC will be revealed and relished by all readers should they ever return to office.

In the meantime, rest comfortably in the knowing that the editors and social media still care.

They do. Just wait and see.


Diego Martin


"No need for UNC jealousy over PNM"

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