V'zuelan man shot dead in Point Fortin

Daniel Vasquez
Daniel Vasquez

POLICE are searching for a Venezuelan man who is believed to have shot and killed another Venezuelan man in Point Fortin on Thursday night.

Father of three Daniel Vasquez, 30, of Wickham Street in Point Fortin died after he was shot in the chest several times near a gyro cart on the Southern Main Road.

Vasquez had gone to purchase a gyro when he was killed.

According to a police report, at about 9.30 pm , Vasquez had ordered a gyro and was waiting near the cart when he was approached by the other Venezuelan.

An eyewitness said the two began to argue and the man pulled out a gun and shot Vasquez several times before running away.

Vasquez died on the spot.

When Newsday visited Wickham Street where Vasquez was living, a neighbour said he had recently moved to Point Fortin but also stayed at Tanner Street.

“He told me he came to TT to make a better life for not only himself but his three children. He did any odd jobs to make money to send back for his children in Venezuela. He was a hard-working man and I don’t know why anyone would want him dead. It is really sad what happened.” the woman said.

Up to late yesterday evening, police were still searching for the suspect. Homicide Region Three Police are investigating.


"V’zuelan man shot dead in Point Fortin"

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