Starr presents Flavoured with Citrus

THE Fashion Arch will host fashion illustrator and artist Leighton Starr's Flavoured with Citrus – a solo exhibition of colour, drawings and fashionable vibe, at Bead Café, Mucurapo Road, Port of Spain.

In a media release it said Flavoured With Citrus is Starr's first solo showing. "Always with a knack for drawing, he naturally flourished in the fashion illustrations and figure drawing courses during his studies at The Caribbean Academy of Fashion and Design (CAFD), at The University of TT (UTT). He further developed his skills under the tutelage of instructors such as James Hackett, Lisa See Tai and Tonia St Cyr," the release said.

With designer Meiling as a mentor he has been doing fashion full-time for the past three years and looks forward working with designers on future projects, the release said.

Starr opted for the title Flavoured with Citrus because he wanted his first exhibition to be a refreshingly bright take on fashion. “Citrus epitomises the word, refreshing, for me,” he said.

Starr creates vividly colourful and modernistic illustrations with the use of local designers, influencers, models and other fashionable work from mas bands and runways as his subjects.

The exhibition opened yesterday and runs until September 27 from 10 am-6 pm, Monday to Friday; 9 am-5 pm on Saturdays and 9 am-3pm on Sunday.


"Starr presents Flavoured with Citrus"

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