Home invasion of a different kind in the East

THE EDITOR: One would think an unwelcomed guest such as a bandit is the only form of home invasions but the residents of Phase Two, La Horquetta, have been victims of home invasions through music.

Our recently developed Phase Two Recreational Ground hosts football matches between Terminix La Horquetta Rangers and its opponents every Wednesday, Saturday and on public holidays. However, these matches are accompanied by extremely loud music that continues after with “fetes.”

The music system is supported by eight huge speaker boxes, DJs and live performances from 3 pm to around 11.30 pm. Though numerous complaints are reported to our neighbouring police station, the residents remain frustrated due to no resolution.

One’s home is a place of tranquillity and comfort after a hard day at work or school. Why do we need to feel we’re going home to a party rather than having a peaceful dinner, conversing with our family members? Or watching a television show or trying to calm a baby’s cries? Or caring for our elderly? This situation upsets any type of household.

How can law-abiding, taxpaying residents receive such inhumane behaviour in return?


La Horquetta


"Home invasion of a different kind in the East"

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