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Tuesday 10 December 2019
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Gyro seller shot dead

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Stock photo

POLICE are investigating the murder of a man who was shot in the head by bandits during a hold-up as the victim was selling gyros from a cart in South Trinidad.

Police said the victim, who up to press time remained unidentified, is believed to be a Venezuelan. He was shot during a robbery while operating his gyro business in Pt Fortin during the early morning hours. He was rushed to area health centre where he died minutes later. No arrest has been made.

This murder comes four days after another gyro vendor, this time in Tobago, was shot in the head also during a robbery. Police said that at about 4 am on Monday, Elias Dabdouran was attacked by two bandits who ordered him to "pass everything". Dabdouran was shot in the head when he tried to fight off the bandits.

Dabdouran, of Syrian heritage, remains warded in critical but stable condition at the Scarborough General Hospital. One suspect has since been arrested while the search is continuing for the other.

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