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Tuesday 21 January 2020
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Rowley trying to distract TT

UNC on PM's claims against Kamla:

Anita Haynes
Anita Haynes

Opposition Senator Anita Haynes said the Prime Minister was once again using the cover of parliamentary privilege to throw out distractions and to make spurious claims against the Opposition Leader.

`On Monday, during the debate on the Firearms Amendment Bill, Dr Rowley said the Opposition informed McDonald weeks before she was going to be arrested.

"While a member of the Keith Rowley administration was arrested this year and is currently facing charges of defrauding TT, the PM did not deal with the issue.

"Instead, the PM went into hiding and after the news broke, the PM came out days later trying to remove himself from the situation. He is now saying that he did not know anything about the situation and then to insert Mrs Kamla Persad-Bissessar into this situation."

Haynes said the Opposition would not allow it and as a responsible Opposition, she urged TT not be distracted from the incompetence of the government.

"This government has been costing TT billions from their blatant incompetence in government. Dr Rowley wants the country to believe the accusations made against MP Marlene Mc Donald happened before his tenure.

“If it was a fact that the acquisitions were in the public domain before Mc Donald screened for her seat and was selected by the PM and placed in the Cabinet not once but twice after being fired.

“Keith Rowley cannot now come and say that he is not responsible and his leadership is not in question. We are saying to TT, Dr Rowley is trying to lead us down a rabbit hole. The population is facing a number of issues, a crisis in government.”

She urged TT to be very cautious and not to be distracted by the Prime Minister who is “erratic and will say anything to his incompetence.”

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