Get ‘zesser pills’ offthe streets

THE EDITOR: I heard the Minister of Health warning young people to beware of “zesser pills.”A policeman showed the pills on TV and also warned people to refrain from using this dangerous drug. Will these warnings prevent young people, or anybody for that matter, from using the pills?

The authorities must investigate where these pills are being manufactured who are selling them. If they originate in another country, they must find out who are bringing them into TT? Somebody must be held accountable for this drug that can destroy lives.

I read about this “zesser pill” a few months ago and the article said it is dangerous as it causes the user to hallucinate. A young man in the US took this pill and he was found the next day sleeping at the side of the road.

The wicked people who are selling this drug are getting rich from it as one pill is being sold for $100. They do not care who lives or dies, as long as they make money.

The authorities must get this dangerous drug off the streets before lives are put in danger.


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"Get ‘zesser pills’ offthe streets"

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