Do we need Mandrake to put the focus on murders?

THE EDITOR: I may have sceptically agreed with the politicians, trade unionists, media personnel and those in the legal fraternity who are calling for the repeal of the Sedition Act.

Sceptical because while the act remains essential in cases of attempted coups and matters of that sinister nature, it can also be unnecessarily and undeservedly activated by those who wield state power against anyone who has the tenacity to publicly insinuate prejudice and/or dishonesty by the State.

Many of us opposing the act may claim it’s outdated, and yes, it probably does need contemporary amendments to be more suited to our present legal/political climate, very similar to our present laws that have us running back to our foremost lawmakers for decisions on murder cases which we ourselves have already tried and the accused found guilty.

So my goodly brothers and sisters in politics, in the trade unions, in media houses and in the legal fraternity, in the same way you demonstrated a vociferous “defence” in the case of one man (and nothing’s wrong with that), can you get together (with the same eagerness) and viciously oppose our repeated running back to the colonial masters (the very people who imposed this now outdated Sedition Act on us) for final decisions on murder cases?

Then we can effectively get rid of those murderers brutally slaughtering hundreds of our fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and children every year?

Or is it that in the eyes of some distinguished people, getting rid of the present administration is seen as more urgent than curbing our yearly murder toll?

It was reported that Phantom was there, but would we need Mandrake the Magician to get that same set of people to voice their opinion as vociferously as they did on the yearly murder toll and by extension our leaving the Privy Council as far as murder case decisions are concerned?




"Do we need Mandrake to put the focus on murders?"

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