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Tuesday 21 January 2020
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ACCA Caribbean moves to go green


ACCA Manager, Partner Relations and Communications

As various countries in the world jump on the climate change bandwagon recognising that Mother Nature’s clock is ticking, the ACCA Caribbean national office will lead by example, launching the organisation’s Go Green initiative in this region. The Go Green initiative aims to provide guidelines on how ACCA Caribbean and its student and member stakeholders can implement practices in both their professional and private lives that can lead to positive lifestyle changes that will impact the environment.

Already in the works are eco-friendly promotional materials that recipients can plant in their home gardens. These include seeded bookmarks, badges and pencils that, when planted, grow into various herbs and wild flowers. Stakeholders receiving these at ACCA events will be asked to send in video clips and photos of their sprouting herbs and flowers that will be posted to the ACCA Caribbean social media channels. Information usually disseminated via brochures and flyers, will now be digital as a means of reducing paper usage and waste.

In keeping with leading by example, the ACCA Caribbean office will begin using appropriate receptacles to separate plastics, paper and waste within the office environment. Social media posts will challenge students and members to do the same in their organisations and provide photos and videos where this is being practised – both in the office and at home.

The Go Green initiative will be officially launched at the 20th Anniversary gala tomorrow and will culminate with a tree planting exercise in collaboration with select partners in the markets.

You can start "go green" in your own work and home spaces. Here's how:

#1. Paper-less office environment

Make a conscious effort to minimise the amount of printing done on a daily/weekly basis. Use recycled scrap paper and print on both sides.

#2. Eco-friendly vendors and purchases

Choose to purchase products that are made from recyclable material where possible and check that products are able to be recycled.

#3. Unplug zombie electronics

Organisations and homes can increase efficiency by reducing the extra energy waste caused by their electronics when not in use. This will reduce the amount of energy you use and decrease the overall electricity bill. Purchase power strips for electronic appliances.

#4. Use energy efficient equipment

Businesses and home owners can increase their energy efficiency by purchasing the right pieces of equipment and products for their business and homes eg LED or CFL light bulbs and energy star compliant appliances.

Implementing a green strategy fundamentally helps an organisation and homemakers to make decisions that have a positive impact on the environment – which in the long run can only benefit the future of humanity.

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