$76m needed to restore Holy Trinity Cathedral

Structual damage to parts of the Holy Trinity Cathedral, Port of Spain arising out of the 6.9 earthquake on August 21 last year.
Structual damage to parts of the Holy Trinity Cathedral, Port of Spain arising out of the 6.9 earthquake on August 21 last year.

Over $76 million is needed for the restoration of the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Port of Spain after it was damaged in last year's 6.9 magnitude earthquake.

The Very Rev Dr Shelley-Ann Tenia, dean and rector of the cathedral, said there is still a lot of work to be done.

The earthquake, on August 21 last year, damaged the walls, pillars, pinnacles and decorative finials. A car in the eastern end of the carpark was hit by chunks of concrete that came crashing down.

Tenia added that church officials have noticed other, minor damage, which is being repaired .

Some funds have been raised already. Tenia said, “We are happy for the kind donations by many, including the government, private and public entities and citizens – especially the corn vendors – who assisted us in our time of need.”

The 200-year-old English Gothic building was designed by Philip Reinagle, secretary to governor Sir Ralph Woodford. It was previously damaged in an earthquake in 1825.

The Anglican church is pushing to raise funds to finish the restoration work, which is scheduled to take five years. When it will start, however, has not yet been decided.

The renovation is divided into four phases, with each costing a little over $20 million.

Apart from the various pledges, Tenia said, “A committee is in the process of being set up by the Anglican Church in the diocese to devise an events and media campaign to raise the required money.

On Saturday, one such fund-raising activity will take place on board the Embassy, a party boat that will leaving the waterfront in Port of Spain at 3pm.

A dilapidation survey was done earlier this year by a team of engineers, architects, contractors and officials from the Ministry of Works.

Tenia said, “They were able to identify the areas that need urgent attention, the down time to allow this to be completed, recommendations and other technicalities involved.”

In the meantime, “The church has been kind of patched back together. However, there are still safety concerns for our congregation, as well as the public who visit on a daily basis.”

This fundraiser is one of many events, she said, and tickets can be obtained by calling 785-4793 or 795-9079.

More information can be found on the website at http://theanglicanchurchtt.com


"$76m needed to restore Holy Trinity Cathedral"

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