Zeia gets brand new stove

Zeia Flemming stands in front of her appartment building at Olera Heights, San Fernando. FILE PHOTO
Zeia Flemming stands in front of her appartment building at Olera Heights, San Fernando. FILE PHOTO

ZEIA FLEMMING cooked her first meal on Saturday since she moved into her Housing Development Corporation (HDC) apartment three months ago.

This was made possible by a good samaritan who made good on her promise and bought Flemming a new four-burner stove for her fourth-floor apartment at O’Lera Heights, Circular Road, San Fernando.

“It brand new. Everything come in box. The fellas mount it up for me. I cook right away – chicken, bodi and rice for me and my son,” Flemming, 58, said.

Flemming is the mother of four, but only her 12-year-old son lives with her. He is preparing to sit the Secondary Entrance Assessment exam next year.

Ever since she began seeking alms on Harris Promenade to care for her family, Flemming has been knocking on the doors of the HDC for a house.

She lived in a shack in The Coconuts, Pleasantville, but in January, the landlord knocked down part of it in a bid to get her out. Her appliances, clothing and her son’s books became waterlogged. Flemming has an eviction case pending against the landlord in the San Fernando magistrates’ court.

She was allocated an HDC apartment last year, but only received the keys in May .

The two-bedroom apartment has a mattress on the ground where Flemming and her son sleep. They had been eating sandwiches for breakfast, lunch and dinner daily, until the stove was delivered on Saturday.

“The person also bought me a heater. The boy going to school looking good,” Flemming said.

She added that Newsday readers had also pledged her a fridge and a washing machine.

“The woman call from Port of Spain. Another woman send me money through Western Union. Another woman promise that before Christmas, she will give me chairs and a bed. I will like to thank Newsday."

But Flemming said she had an unpleasant encounter with her former landlord yesterday in San Fernando.

“Well, he saw me coming out from Western Union and he said to me, ‘So you bussin style now.’”


"Zeia gets brand new stove"

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