Nightmare if the schools move to our ‘mature area’

THE EDITOR: Open letter to the Arbor/Rosewood/Trimont

School Board.

I have been a resident of Federation Park since April 1970. I moved in with my wife the day the state of emergency was declared and have lived there raising three children ever since. That will be 50 years or half a century.

Any plan to relocate these schools of privileged children into an established residential area will be vigorously opposed by all the residents of this “mature area.”

The traffic on mornings and afternoons is already horrendous, with bumper-to-bumper jams from the Boissiere intersection to Barbados Road, until the Long Circular traffic lights in St James.

To relocate a school of 400 pupils, adding conservatively 200 cars to the traffic in the morning between 7-8 o’clock and in the afternoon between 2-3 o’clock, will be a nightmare for the residents whose average age is over 50 years.

If this was not enough reason to reject the proposal, there are plans by the school to purchase two properties on St Vincent Avenue for approximately $9 million each. This amounts to $18 million and with improvements of another $9 million, a total cost at least $27 million. One can only imagine what the school fees would be and the “fund raising” every weekend that will be necessary to pay for this.

Even the hearses will have problems getting into the Forensic Science Centre.

Remember the plan to remove traffic from Wainwright Street under the last administration and how that turned out?


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"Nightmare if the schools move to our ‘mature area’"

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