Hate speech law before action on act

THE EDITOR: There ought to be no discussion with respect to the preservation or disposal of the Sedition Act without careful thought being given to passing a comprehensive suite of hate speech legislation.

Fifteen minutes on social media will quickly confirm that it is not only the State that is in need of protection at this juncture of our history, but also the many citizens who are trolled, bullied and disrespected by those among us who lack the maturity, education, self-restraint, tolerance and sense of common decency necessary for civil discourse to thrive in any society.

In the absence of self-regulation, the State must be allowed to act. In this case, state intervention in the abuse that has become commonplace in both social media and public spaces is not only necessary but would be most enthusiastically welcomed.

Until such a time, hold on to the Sedition Act, and every other law on the books that checks the liberalist urge to push the parameters of free speech and expression, and that reminds us that as citizens our amazing freedoms and rights come with awesome responsibilities.




"Hate speech law before action on act"

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