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Wednesday 29 January 2020
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Barrackpore mechanic shot 6 times

BARRACKPORE police are investigating the shooting on Monday of a 32-year-old mechanic at Rochard Douglas Road shortly before noon.

Faraz Ali, 32, was shot six times while he was repairing a vehicle in his garage. The incident happened at about 11.30 am, when another employee and family members ran for cover when a silver-coloured Nissan Versa reversed into the garage.

According to a police report, a lone gunman got out of the Versa and shot at Ali, who was partly hidden under the engine of a vehicle which was elevated in the front by a jack. During the shooting, one of Ali’s tradesmen took cover under the vehicle.

The shots hit Ali in the shoulder and arm. The gunman got into the car and sped off.

Police arrived within minutes and took Ali to the San Fernando General Hospital. Police said yesterday that he was still listed in critical condition.

They found six spent shells in the garage and described the shooting as a “hit” on Ali.

PC Majeed Ali of the Barrackpore CID is investigating.

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