THA: $ saved on highway rehab

Assemblyman Kwesi Des Vignes
Assemblyman Kwesi Des Vignes

Tobago House of Assembly (THA) Secretary of Infrastructure, Quarries and the Environment, Councillor Kwesi DesVignes has boasted of registering savings on rehabilitation works on the Claude Noel Highway.

In addressing Wednesday’s post Executive Council media briefing at the Victor E Bruce Financial Complex in Scarborough, DesVignes said that some cost saving is expected to be realised, however, he is still awaiting a report from project managers National Maintenance Training Service (NMTS).

This, as road works along a two-kilometre stretch of the Claude Noel Highway from the Rockley Vale traffic lights to the Orange Hill traffic lights estimated at a cost of $30 million VAT-exclusive has been completed.

DesVignes said, “We’re practically completed ahead of schedule on that project, we would have said to persons from the start of that project, what it is we’re trying to achieve, what it is we have achieved and I must say kudos to the project team for executing what has been so far a remarkable piece of work.”

He added: “It can’t go without saying that this is the first time since 1984, since the highway was commissioned in 1984, that we’ve done such significant rehabilitation works on the Claude Noel Highway. We’re speaking of a span of over 35 years and we look forward to completing the rest of the highway – the rehabilitation that is.

"This project was never a road resurfacing exercise, we’ve said that time and time again. We have committed to delivering quality work to the people of Tobago and I think the highway is testament to that.”

DesVignes said, left now to be completed is the rehabilitation of the guardrails on the sides of the highway.

“We will be upgrading those barriers so look forward to that, again, we are doing that over the next six weeks and we’re doing it to ensure maximum safety for the users of the highway and we’re taking into full consideration, as was with the rehabilitation exercise, we’re taking into full consideration of the motoring public and any inconveniences that may be caused.”

He also reminded motorists that the speed limit along the Claude Noel Highway is 80km per hour.


"THA: $ saved on highway rehab"

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