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Tuesday 21 January 2020
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Letters to the Editor

Animal's death reveals need for ethical leaders

THE EDITOR: On August 31, the Independence Day fireworks display at the Queen’s Park Savannah resulted in the death of a kangaroo, and possibly other animals nationwide.

This reflects a failure of ethical leadership in both the public and private sectors. It must be borne in mind that tax dollars are spent every year on fireworks displays, making the Government accountable for not finding a more environmentally friendly alternative.

A business like Fireone Fireworks should be using its profits to lead the way towards less environmentally harmful products such as noiseless fireworks and laser light displays.

Instead, it is content with making money and doing nothing about the problems its products create.

We need a new generation of ethical corporate leaders as badly as we need ethical politicians.

We must become a society of innovators to diversify our economy and end the crime situation, or we will surely slide into irrelevancy and economic stagnation.


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