Tobagonians called to help Bahamas

Tobago Emergency Management Agency director Allan Stewart
Tobago Emergency Management Agency director Allan Stewart

Tobagonians have a chance to contribute to Bahamas’ recovery efforts, as the Tobago Emergency Management Agency (TEMA) is collecting relief supplies from September 9-15 to be shipped to the Bahamas, to aid those affected by the destruction of Hurricane Dorian.

Director of the Tobago Emergency Management Agency (TEMA) Allan Stewart made the announcement as he addressed members of the media following Friday’s sod turning ceremony for the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Speyside Centre in Speyside.

“In the first instance, we would utilise the disaster warehouse located at Signal Hill. It will operate from eight in the morning to four in the (afternoon). Also, on a daily basis, we would use the Emergency Operations Centre located at the Fairfield Complex from 8am to 6pm on a daily basis, from Monday to Sunday.

“We would expect things like for personal hygiene purposes,” he said adding that the priority at the moment is to help to restore power in areas of the Bahamas left without electricity.

“Right now, there are certain islands in the Bahamas that are out of electricity and so emergency lighting is very, very critical. Batteries, torchlights, lamps... all of these things; first aid kits, generators, chainsaws, tarpaulins,” he said.

Stewart went further as he made an appeal to islanders.

“We expect you to show the Tobago love, we expect you to come out and give whatever little you might have. This is from Monday morning for one week… if it becomes necessary and we hope it don’t, then we will have cause to extend it but we’re hoping that the Tobago public comes out and responds to the needs, so that we can have these people back on their feet.

“We have to respect the humanity of these people, so therefore no clothes. They have not required, they have not asked for clothes and that is out of the question,” he said.

Chief Secretary Kelvin Charles also expressed sympathy to the people of Bahamas.

“Hurricane Dorian just a few days ago ravaged parts of the Bahamas, leaving death and destruction in its wake. I commensurate with those who have been affected, who may have lost their loved ones and those who may have also lost their possessions so cruelly, but I am hopeful that we as a region would show the same outpouring of love and support as we did to our Caribbean neighbours following the passage of Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria just two years ago,” he said adding that the passage of Dorian is a reminder of the region’s vulnerability to natural disasters.


"Tobagonians called to help Bahamas"

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