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Tuesday 21 January 2020
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Letters to the Editor

Risking life leaving PoS port

THE EDITOR: The people of TT are known critics without any solution to any subject mentioned. At present the ferry service between the two islands has been operating without any complaints, from the travelling public.

My concern is the passengers who have disembarked at the Port of Spain dock have to risk their lives among vehicles travelling east and west along the Beetham Highway and those coming out of the Port Authority. When the lights along the Beetham Highway says red causing traffic travelling east and west to come to a standstill, the right of way is given to the traffic travelling east out of the Port Authority.

Pedestrians are left with no choice but to take chances among the traffic leaving the port, with tremendous risks of getting injured or death.

I am suggesting that traffic management gives some consideration to placing a signal that brings all traffic to a standstill considering the safety of the pedestrians leaving the Port Authority. Let us adopt an holistic approach towards tourism.



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