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Tuesday 21 January 2020
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Letters to the Editor

On the lines of dictatorship

THE EDITOR: To control the murder or crime rate in any nation the government has to intervene by doing something constructive or meaningful. Once the action is implemented then the criminals know what to expect, and thereby usually curtail their illegal pursuits.

Here, however, the government does nothing, they have in fact run out of any effective measures.

The one remaining possibility of reducing crimes and murders here by restoring the death penalty is a no-no despite that there is a strong demand for doing so by the public.

The government here has decided in the light of what is going here, to give the police a free hand in dealing with all sorts of crimes here, without offering any assistance to the police in dealing with local crimes. They have even refused to take the correct action in ensuring that our justice system is in the hands of a competent and law-abiding citizens.

The impression now given is that they have now decided to use the police, to support their type of governorship which is bordering on this country being operated on the lines of dictatorship.

The relevance of what other nations do to curb their rate of crime is of no interest to our politicians now in the corridors of power here.


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