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Tuesday 21 January 2020
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Letters to the Editor

Ban fireworks now

THE EDITOR: It is argued that slavery was abolished because it no longer made economic sense. That may or may not be true. However, it was certainly undeniable that many supported its removal, not on the grounds of money, but because a moral imperative existed for society to no longer allow men to own other men as property.

Though the horrors of slavery are unparalleled in history, the time sometimes comes when a moral imperative dictates that society must take action to put an end to a practice that, though it provides enjoyment to some, unleashes untold suffering on others.

For decades many, if not most of us, have suffered under the tyranny of the excessive noise torture of fireworks, firecrackers, scratch bombs, etc. We have endured the torment of our animals, seen them damaged and destroyed, and huddled in our houses as people make money and merriment. Enough!

The moral imperative has become, to ban all use of Fireworks. People will fulminate about their enjoyment being taken away from them. So be it. You take your fun at the devastating expense of others.

We import a kangaroo, bring it to our shores, under our care, and kill it with fright. Not the bandits; not the gangsters; the ‘good’ people of Trinidad and Tobago. Instead of protecting our right to fun; let’s have consideration, let’s deny ourselves in order to bless our brother and even to show love to the least among us – our animals, who can’t speak up for themselves.

Following slavery, its chief perpetrators and those who reaped centuries of benefits from their bloody enterprise were compensated for ‘their losses’. But at least slavery was gone.

I would ask that the government do the same thing in the case of fireworks. Compensate all fireworks importers and take all their stock off their hands for immediate dumping. And ban fireworks now.


San Fernando

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