Piparo/Williamsville taxi relocation on hold

Junia Regrello
Junia Regrello

A DECISION to relocate drivers who ply the Piparo/Williamsville taxi route has been put on hold. San Fernando mayor Junia Regrello issued a statement on Tuesday, pointing out that the taxi stand would be relocated to upper St James Street for a one-week trial period.

That plan was supposed to go into effect on Wednesday until next week Thursday. However, on Wednesday morning, the plan was not rolled out.

Regrello explained that during their discourse to manage traffic on High Street and environs, the drivers said there were about 30 taxis servicing the route.

He said this would have been too much for the space they presently occupy. “We met with them on Wednesday and they made a recommendation they want only six cars at a time as opposed to the 30 cars they told us previously.

“We will meet with traffic management next week to make a final draft on all the relocation, so we will give them a couple more days at their present location, which is beyond the Marabella taxi stand, just before Short Street.”

This decision to relocate taxis from the city centre is all part of a plan to alleviate traffic congestion which has been a nightmare for business owners, shoppers, students and working people.

On Monday, after much resistance, the Port-of-Spain and Curepe taxi drivers agreed to relocate from upper High Street to King’s Wharf on a one-month trial basis.


"Piparo/Williamsville taxi relocation on hold"

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