Fishermen to rally outside Whitehall


Photos: Jeff K Mayers
Whitehall Photos: Jeff K Mayers

FED-UP of their cries falling on deaf ears, fishermen and members of the environmental pressure group Fishermen and Friends of the Sea (FFOS) intend to stage a protest on Monday outside Prime Minister Dr Rowley's office, Whitehall in Port of Spain.

The planned protest follows a press conference held earlier in the week at which FFOS corporate secretary made a direct call to Rowley to implement immediate measures to improve the security on the sea for fishermen and others seafarers against the scourge of piracy.

A release yesterday called on all "caring citizens" to join with the families of seven fishermen who were murdered in the Gulf of Paria as well as members of the Orange Valley, Claxton Bay and Carli Bay fishing associations and the FFOS in the gathering outside Whitehall.

Saying this is not about politics but about nationhood, the FFOS press release called on people at the gathering to wear white. If you are dissatisfied by the state of crime in our nation, the release stated, if someone you love has been murdered, if you are concerned for the future of our nation please come and join us in solidarity.

The release also indicated that organisers of the gathering intend to hand deliver a letter to Rowley appealing for a Cabinet-appointed multi-stakeholder committee which would be mandated by specific terms of reference and timeframe to report recommendations to increase safety at sea and protect TT's maritime borders.


"Fishermen to rally outside Whitehall"

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