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Tuesday 21 January 2020
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Letters to the Editor

Bring the rum, bring it come

THE EDITOR: It is an offence to drink and drive under the influence of alcohol in TT. If you are pulled over by the police and tested with the breathalyser and found to be above the permitted limit, you will be charged a nice princely sum the first time around. And if thereafter the offence is repeated, the fine becomes heavier and your driver’s permit can be revoked.

Because of the death and destruction arising out of vehicular accidents in recent years, the police have upped their battle against drinking and driving.

The day prior to Independence Day was designated Rum Day by the producer/s of rum and an on-the-road promotion campaign was carried out in many parts of TT. There were large trucks loaded with plenty rum, plenty women and heavy music moving from one drinking location to another.

While to the most of us this is nothing new, what really added the true Trini characteristic in that promotion was that the trucks loaded with all that rum being given away free of charge had, get this, official police escorts.

The very personnel appointed by our laws to curb drinking and driving and charge you when you do, they were escorting and thereby protecting and serving an on-the-road rum promo.

So the obvious questions for the Police Commissioner arising out of this police/on-the-road rum promotion arrangement would be: but wait, I am Trini, so why am I bussing my head with all kinds of sober thinking? You see me, I am joining the celebration yes.

Trinidad, I love you. Bring the rum, bring it come.



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