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Tuesday 21 January 2020
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Letters to the Editor

93 and TSTT hangs up on me

THE EDITOR: In the age of connectivity, TSTT has allowed my landline service to be interrupted for the past six weeks.

Several attempts were made to notify the company about my communication dilemma, which produced a series of unfortunate responses along with empty promises of visits that never came.

The excuses were, “The problem is the telephone;” “Only a portion of the line receiving signal;” “A technician visited and said you needed to purchase a new telephone.” Every statement from the book of excuses was produced.

The telecommunication environment in TT has a variety of players who will eagerly welcome my patronage, but at my age (93) the challenge of the commute has diminished my hopes of an alternative service. Although a cellular device was purchased for my use in the interim, the complexity of its operation I can sum up into two words – elder abuse.

My memory is not as it was 50 years ago, but I recall a recording from TSTT stating that it was in my area conducting upgrades to the landline service. The quality of my service has not reflected that upgrade.

With my birthday approaching, I will miss the plethora of telephone calls I usually receive. On that day I will have no conversations, no exchange of ideas and definitely no telecommunication.


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