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Tuesday 21 January 2020
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Letters to the Editor

Still caught in vicious circle after 57 years

THE EDITOR: As we mark our 57th year of independence, let us reflect on how many of our freedoms have been lost, both to criminals and to political cronyism that has alienated a vast segment of our population.

I daresay it is not the future any of our founding forebearers would have imagined when they proudly raised the red, white and black almost six decades ago.

But here we are, and the most fundamental question we must now try to answer is this: how did we find ourselves in this hole?

There’s no easy answer, but the solution to that question becomes even more difficult when we refuse to admit or accept simple truths about our situation, and no remedy can work if it’s not founded in reality.

We have a political system that does not serve the people. That is fact, pure and simple. But tens of thousands of people right now, maybe more, will be cussing me for saying so, and calling me all sorts of names, essentially arguing that I don’t know anything. Well, that’s my point exactly.

We refuse or are unable to deal with crime because criminal elements remain nestled in the heart of our law enforcement services and we have not had the fortitude to do what must be done to properly excise them.

Add to this all the allegations that there are some in the business community who are the ringleaders for criminal gangs. I don’t know about that, because no one has provided any evidence outside of rumour. Having said that, and if this is the case, it seems we are also unwilling or unable to deal with this. If you disagree, then go back to my earlier point.

No one can dispute we are an amazing country, with the most unique and diverse culture, and with the most incredible people. But even the sweetest mango can have a rotten spot, and unless you cut it out the entire mango goes bad.

We are like a sweet calabash or doux-doux mango that has gotten a “lash” when it fell off the tree, but no one wants to do what needs to be done.

And another thing, I am tired of those we elect and hold up in high position passing the buck to everyone else. While I agree that the public has a role to play in addressing the erosion of our precious freedoms, it falls to those we elect as leaders to lead. Sadly, too many are caught up in bureaucracy, incompetence or downright cronyism to get the job done.

And so as we mark 57 years of independence, we remain caught in a vicious cycle, as vicious as the eye of Hurricane Dorian, and only getting worse.


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