Sedition, marijuana and the death penalty

THE EDITOR: Be careful what you ask for, you might get it. It is my humble view that unwise sudden changes to the Sedition Act could be as harmful as the total decriminalisation of marijuana and saying that the death penalty is cruel and inhumane.

There will always be people with seditious thoughts running in their heads. There will always be people who crave marijuana like breathing. The death penalty is the only fitting punishment for crimes of murder against the innocent. Facts will always remain facts.

Ask yourself this: will the trade union movement relish marching and spouting incitement to violence? Will people take to social media making unlawful personal allegations that cannot be contained? Will the free use of marijuana see criminals pumped up with drugs and increase their bouts of mayhem and murder?

The freedom of the press to inform, using unsubstantiated news material, will clog social media to the extent that investigative journalism will die on the vine. We will all be saying whatever whenever we please. We will smoke cannabis in excess and lose control in the full knowledge that the death penalty will not be used should we shoot or chop somebody.

How often, in private thought, do some church-going, well-mannered people quietly wish somebody dies? Is that mental sedition?

Pandora went with her farse self and opened her box. If only she knew what was going to happen


Diego Martin


"Sedition, marijuana and the death penalty"

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