Bon Accord fisherman missing at sea

Missing fisherman, Brian Cox
Missing fisherman, Brian Cox

A Tobago fisherman is missing at sea.

According to reports, the man, Brian Cox of Gaskin Bay Road Extension in Bon Accord, left Milford Bay shortly after 8am on Sunday and was expected to return later that evening, but is yet to reappear.

This information was confirmed by a senior Coast Guard official, who declined further comment, only saying that several attempts to find the missing fishermen have been in vain.

Pub­lic af­fairs of­fi­cer of the Coast Guard Lt Ker­ron Valere could not be reached for comment.

Speaking with Newsday, Johnnie Baptiste, head of the South-West Fishing Association, of which Cox is a member, said the members remain concerned and searches continue.

“We don’t feel good about this at all. We have not seen one of our colleagues return to shore after fishing for the day. It brings on stress, causes us to even get into expenses to go look for them.

“We had a search party on Monday afternoon and again on Tuesday. Both searches returned empty-handed,” he said, adding that the members are not giving up hope and the search will go on.


"Bon Accord fisherman missing at sea"

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