AA plane catches fire on Piarco runway, no one hurt

Piarco International Airport
Piarco International Airport

An American Airlines flight to Miami was cancelled after the plane apparently caught fire while being taxied on the runway yesterday morning at Piarco Airport.

In a video circulating on social media, an aircraft on the runway was seen parked near a fire truck while a man recording the video was heard saying, “Allyuh, American on fire, it on fire I say, it on fire.” The person recording the video was driving a baggage tug heading towards the aircraft.

A release from the Airports Authority said apron control crew alerted air traffic control after they noticed the fire.

Fire Services were contacted and were able to return the aircraft safely to the gate. No one was injured.

The authority is continuing investigations.

It said in its release, “Flight operations at the Piarco International Airport continue as normal. The Airports Authority of TT continues to be vigilant to ensure that we provide safe and secure aviation services for the benefit of all stakeholders.” American Airlines’ corporate communications department could not be reached for comment.


"AA plane catches fire on Piarco runway, no one hurt"

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