K2K to launch this Friday

Defying gravity.
Defying gravity.

OVERALL band of the year winner, K2K Alliance and partners, will launch its 2020 collection, The Greatest Show, on August 30 at the Queen’s Hall, St Ann’s.

The band’s 2020 theme was inspired by the circus.

A release sent to media about the launch said there are five sections in K2K’s 2020 presentation, “with each section drawing inspiration from the rides, the characters and the circus acts that can be found in the amusement park.” The sections are called Defying Gravity; The Merry-go-round; The Power of Believing; The Ring of Fire; Send in the Clowns.

According to the release, “The beauty of many of pieces this year is that we have engineered mobility to our circus animals. With that said, our horses and tigers are built with joints, which will allow our horses to gallop and our tigers to leap as the masqueraders sashay through the streets of Port of Spain. Likewise, another nifty additive is that the wheels of our clown car literally turns, giving you the impression that our clowns are driving onto the stage.”

Ring of Fire

The release said although the messaging and some of the imagery relate to current global social issues, its theme still adheres to the whimsical element of the circus. “The campaigns for our 2020 collection are meant to tell more of a visual story, and are intended to make you pause. On the other hand, our garments burst with a kaleidoscope of vibrant colours, thereby keeping with the playful nature of the

theme. This year we have layered a mix match of stripe and checkered combinations against a spectrum of colour, highlighting the quirky nature of the circus.”

The Greatest Show addresses themes like homosexuality, divorce, and bullying, with the finale talking to power of believing, the release said. The show starts at 8.30 pm and guests are asked to be elegantly dressed.


"K2K to launch this Friday"

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