Icacos mother gives birth to triplets

LAST Wednesday, Dana Lemessey, 29, from Icacos, Cedros, gave birth to triplets at the San Fernando General Hospital.

Although she is in pain as she recovers from childbirth, Lemessey managed a smile as she spoke about her newborn baby girls.

“I thank God for giving me three girls.”

When Newsday spoke to her on Monday, Lemessey had one of her three babies with her, as the two others were still in an incubator.

“I am not sure what is happening, but I know one out of the three girls is doing fine, and I am awaiting word from the nurses regarding my two other children,” she said.

Lemessey and her husband, Dale Lemessey, have three other children, 11, seven and two. The family of five is now a family of eight.

“I am happy to have my family together, but I am concerned about providing for them,” Lemessey said.

Dale, an ex-Petrotrin worker, is unemployed.

“We have been living on our savings, spending a little at a time,” Lemessey said.

Her husband has been taking care of the three children for the past two months, since Lemessey was not well and was in and out of hospital.

Asked how she planned to take care of three babies, Lemessey said she was hoping to get help from the Social Welfare Ministry so that she could pay a nurse.

On Monday, Lemessey planned to return to her home in Cedros with one of her three babies. The other two will remain in hospital until they are stronger.


"Icacos mother gives birth to triplets"

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