UK sends TT flood relief by FedEx

SOMEONE in England, who was moved by the plight of people hit by last year’s flooding, tried to help by sending a dinghy to Trinidad by way of courier service FedEx, a parliamentary committee heard yesterday.

Ashmead Mohammed, Mayaro/Rio Claro CEO, revealed this unusual incident to the Joint Select Committee on Local Government Reform chaired by Clarence Rambharat.

“During the flood period, a person from Britain contacted the corporation and offered a dinghy to us. Even before we could respond, they shipped it. It landed on the corporation’s steps.”

The corporation only undertook to pay the transport costs through FedEx, he said.

"I can’t remember the figure. but I think it was $600 to $800. That was paid from the corporation’s funding for 'receipt of the dinghy.'”

Mohammed said at that time his corporation had already established a donation register.

“My view is that during the flood period we get too many perishable items, too much foodstuff. A more meaningful and more tangible donation can be afforded to the corporations.”

He said these would be properly accounted for.

Mohammed’s disclosures came after committee member Khadijah Ameen called for corporations to partner with the business community to establish a store of requisite equipment before annual flooding hits TT.


"UK sends TT flood relief by FedEx"

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