Ganja cures no ailment

THE EDITOR: Kudos to Dr Zafir W Latchan of the Marabella Paediatric Services for sharing important insights about the use of medical marijuana in children (Newsday August 22).

Read, enjoy and take note of the fact that children can become addicted to medical marijuana. It should be used in only extreme cases and I believe the same limitations could apply when adults use medical marijuana. Yes, it brings relief but to only the most difficult cases.

I was appalled to see the tactics used by a marijuana activist to appeal for presidential intervention regarding forcing a date for decriminalisation.

People opting to use medical cannabis should get it where they can for the time being. It is not a cure for any condition. It relieves/alleviates unpleasant symptoms. Cannabis definitely cannot cure cancer.

Personally, I would like to see anybody behind bars for using small amounts of marijuana and not involved in trafficking to be immediately released.

Permission could be given for established amounts for personal use because of religion.

Would the non-decriminalisation of marijuana win or lose a political party the next general election?

Let us get real. How many of us in TT depend on medical marijuana for our daily bread? We also have a high homicide rate to control.

Do we need the shooters to be also high on marijuana at this juncture?


Diego Martin


"Ganja cures no ailment"

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