Country in dire need of reform

THE EDITOR: If it’s one thing that our history has taught us in the wake of independence, it is that the most trying, difficult times, we as a people have birthed some innovative creations. The birth of the steel pan was in a very difficult era, the expression which is calypso was blended in chaotic times.

These isles and their people, a beautiful mixture, are really up to the task, as history attests. There is the true love for our homeland but as the very courageous Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith admits, we have to stamp out the miscreant cockroaches before they embed themselves into our society as a “cultural norm.”

The very word “culture” comes from the Latin “cultus,” meaning “to care” and the French “colere,” which means “to till,” as in the ground . Therefore we must cultivate the attributes of a mature, progressive people.

Some might contend that culture is swayed by history, geography, religion and politics, but people make history, manipulate geological challenges, abide in religion, and create politics. Indeed, our real challenge is to chart a course to move into the future. This demands a change of discourse, direction and, fundamentally, thought.

So now, if you believe that the Rowley-led PNM government has done well, maybe you should reflect and examine the basis for your conviction (it probably benefits you personally or its along racial lines). If you figure that the UNC is your saviour, you probably suffer from the same affliction.

However, if you are neutral and sitting on the fence, you will readily realise that we are in dire need of political and constitutional reform, otherwise we will be perpetually plagued by our own ignorance, which in turn limits our choices and progress.

Remember, we get the government we deserve. If we vote for empty promises, we should expect empty actions. Thomas Jefferson once said, “The government you elect is the government you deserve.”


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"Country in dire need of reform"

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