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Monday 27 January 2020
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Letters to the Editor

Teenage suicide not the answer

THE EDITOR: The problem with teenage pregnancies in TT is not new. What plan is there to deal with teenage promiscuity? Is it possible that teenage boys and girls can be made aware of the importance of using condoms? Can condoms be made available free of charge? Will parents be educated about the relevancy of putting girls on the pill?

In this day and age of social media, the claim of ignorance does not hold water. Perhaps we all need to accept the fact that sex education is an imperative from as early as age 12.

The words “ignorance” and “knowledge” both contain nine letters. What can the Ministers of Health and Education, along with TTUTA and parent-teacher associations, do about this distressing recurring decimal?

Meaningful futures and lives are being lost because adults are not staring the problem in the face.

Teenage suicide is not the answer.


Diego Martin

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