Great Fete fracas investigations ongoing

Tobago police are continuing their investigations into an alleged hit and run involving a THA official and his brother, at Pigeon Point Heritage Park on July 27 after the Great Fete weekend, Soca Glow event.

ACP Ansley Garrick told Newsday yesterday the investigations were ongoing. The THA official and his brother are still assisting police with their inquiries.

Last month Garrick said the findings of the investigation would “separate whatever has to be separated.”

He said, “The investigation is not about the THA person but he was there; his name was mentioned in the report. This is how we are dealing with it.”

The inquires would also determine the direction the investigation would go and although Garrick was unable to say how far the investigations were he said, “Until the facts are found there are no suspects."

In a 24-second video, shared on social media, Kieno Chandler was seen with a head injury telling the THA official, “Yuh bounce meh, boy, is a racial thing?”

Police then intervened and the THA official and Chandler began arguing over who was wrong.

Chandler, from Penal, was in Tobago for Great Fete weekend celebrations.

When contacted the THA official involved in the fracas refused to comment on the matter.

Sgt Caterson of the Crown Point police station is continuing investigations.


"Great Fete fracas investigations ongoing"

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