3 in court for Haagen-Dazs robbery

THREE men appeared before a magistrate in San Fernando yesterday afternoon charged with Sunday night’s robbery at the Haagen-Dazs ice cream outlet in Gulf City Mall, La Romaine.

The three –Anthony Britto, 43; Jameel Daniel, 22; and Anton Alexander, 22 – appeared before magistrate Nicholas Ali who read five charges to them.

They are alleged to have robbed the supervisor, while armed with a firearm, of $160 and $1,600. Another charge is that they robbed an employee of a cellphone valued $1,600 and a third charge was that the accused three robbed a third employee of $220, a cell phone and $1,900.

Magistrate Ali read a fourth charge that they were in possession of a Ruger-made pistol and a fifth of being in possession of a magazine which contained three rounds of ammunition.

The charges were laid by PCs Marcus Lange and Dominic Mohammed of the San Fernando CID.

The charges stemmed from a robbery at about 10.30 pm in which the store was robbed by men armed with guns.

Britto,a taxi driver, and Daniel, a mechanic, are from Princes Town. Alexander is a mechanic from Siparia.

Police prosecutor Sgt Gangoo tendered the gun, ammunition, cash and cellphones.

The magistrate granted each of the three $150,000 bail with clerk of the peace approval and ordered them to return to court on October 28.


"3 in court for Haagen-Dazs robbery"

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